Sanremo is one of the InBetta Companies. Since 1969, it has been operating in the national and international markets and holds a leading position in the plastic housewares industry.

Since its foundation, it is recognized for the quality of its products and innovation, as it constantly invests in technology and professional training focusing on excellence in the development of its products. Our mission is to always offer houseware solutions to improve people’s daily lives.


No one I know gets out of bed without a good reason to do so. It could be for a cup of coffee or to win the world. Or to keep it running.

I do not know the exact number of reasons that make us get up in the morning. The only thing I know for sure is that none of them would exist without passion.

And please take notice that I have already celebrated 50 years of life and I am every day more in love with what I do.

The Bettanin brothers could confirm that, back in 1969, they were passionate even in choosing my name. Since then, with the first and pioneering line of plastic containers for the freezer and the creation of countless products and launches, we have become part of everyday life and the homes of thousands of families.

I am certain that we only got this far, not for what we have, but for everything that we are. That we all are. We are made of color, but we are also transparent in our relationships.

We are made of plastic and souls. Many. We are made of dedication, of dreams and the fulfillment of each one of them.

We are made of beauty and practicality.

We are made of innovation, creation and the relentless pursuit of excellence. In everything we do. For all that we create..

We are made of the same love with which every mother cares for her child.

We are to Sanremo. We are made of passion for what we do. And that is why we get up every day. For 50 years. May the next 50 years come!

Commitment to the customer means exceeding their own expectations and the company’s competitiveness. We are constantly aware of the needs of consumers, and that is how the company has gained its credibility and trust.

Our focus on the consumer is clearly evident in the lines designed by the company. The products were developed for the consumer wellbeing. Products that fully understand the home universe: kitchen, laundry, cleaning, gardening, organization, baby and pet. Product design is a remarkable feature of the Sanremo lines because we believe that our job is to bring beauty to the daily life of consumers. Furthermore, functionality and practicality are key factors in the development of our products.

  • THE 60’s

    By the late 1960s, Bettanin had acquired a few brush handle injection machines and paint trays. Since the production capacity of these injectors was not fully absorbed, they were used to manufacture bread and fruit baskets.

  • THE70’s

    Sales started in the southern region and, some time little later, thanks to new launches, reached the whole country. From the beginning, creativity combined together with the understanding of the target audience allowed Sanremo to become the consumers’ favorite brand. In the late 70’s, the company launched the Degrade line, which was a landmark of that time. It was the end of the traditional “storage cans”.

  • THE 80’s

    In 1986, Sanremo was bold again by launching the Vac Freezer line – a product line consisting of plastic containers for freezing and thawing food.

  • THE 90’s

    The 90’s arrived bringing novelty things. The widespread use of computers allowed for new transformations and the company management concluded that the time was right to get back to innovation. They decided to totally change their products and equipment. Today, one of Sanremo’s hallmarks has been the spirit of innovation, through which all of the company’s products have been constantly recreated and renewed by their own designers..

    xpanding its market presence, the company made its way abroad, exporting to countries like the United States, Canada and others in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. During its trajectory, Sanremo never ceased to pay attention to the quality of its products, always looking for the resources needed to satisfy its consumers..


    ACurrently, its products are distributed in thousands of points of sale around the world. It has become an internationally recommended brand. In March 2007, operations began at the newest Sanremo plant. Located in Jaboatão dos Guararapes - PE, this new factory was created to facilitate and streamline the process of production and distribution of products.

Be a leader in plastic housewares in Latin America.

Strategic Positioning:
Brand synonymous with design, sustainability and superior quality in plastic housewares, with innovative products and present in the main points of sale.

The 7 values below capture both the historical elements that guided the company’s decision making process, and propose key elements that support the strategy and growth for the next 5 years:

for business

Enjoy what you do and be motivated and committed to the business.

for people

Promote an environment that values safety, quality of life and people’s satisfaction..


Achieve the business goals by contributing to the development of society and preserving the environment.


Courage and industriousness to explore opportunities and “make it happen” with persistence and determination.

Do things

Ensure quality in all
processes and products, with innovation
and efficiency.

to learn

Continuous learning by the people and the organization, seeking new resources to improve processes and results.

on results

Deliver results through the use
of methods, based on data and facts.

Creativity and Flexibility

The credibility and trust gained in over 40 years of history are the result of a clear choice made by Sanremo. In addition to customer satisfaction we strive for excellence in what we manufacture.
At Sanremo, the product development department has combined creativity and flexibility to address the market challenges. Products are designed based on innovation and design in order to make our costumers’ lives even better.
Our concern is to meet the needs of our customers and consumers and surprise them.


We believe that every person, whether natural or legal, is capable of transforming their life, their community, their country, the whole world. That is why every product, every idea that is born in our company carries our most valuable brand: the brand of social responsibility.

Investing in creativity, technology and quality is not enough to develop products that simplify life. It is necessary to invest in people, in education, in culture, in each one’s dream, because a humane, sustainable and solidary society is what the InBetta companies are proud to create.


Environmental awareness is also present in the company’s routine. The use of clean technologies and the treatment of factory waste is a constant concern.
The water used in the production process is treated in-house at an InBetta treatment plant. Investments are made in more economical machines, and environmental awareness campaigns are promoted.
The waste generated in the company is separated to facilitate the reuse of materials.
In addition, Sanremo carries out its activities in compliance with the environmental standards.

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Produtos Sanremo Livres de BPA

O Bisfenol – A, mais conhecido como BPA, é um produto químico usado na fabricação de plásticos, é também um dos componentes da resina epóxi (plástico termofixo que endurece quando misturado a um agente catalisador ou “endurecedor”).

O BPA por muito tempo foi utilizado no revestimento interno de quase todas as latas de alimentos e bebidas, mamadeiras de plástico e materiais médicos e dentários.

No Brasil foi criada a resolução RDC 41/2011 da ANVISA que proíbe o uso de plásticos que possuem matéria prima de Policarbonato, material onde é encontrado o Bisfenol, e obriga aos fabricantes a utilizar qualquer outra resina livre de BPA.

Diante deste cenário, a Sanremo preocupa-se em esclarecer ao consumidor que todos os produtos da empresa são livres de Bisfenol – A, sua principal matéria prima utilizada para a fabricação dos seus produtos é o Polipropileno (PP), totalmente atóxica e inofensiva à saúde.

Para você saber qual o tipo de plástico utilizado em um produto, basta verificar no fundo do recipiente plástico o número de reciclagem que vem marcado dentro de um triângulo. Se estiver marcado com os números 1, 2, 4 ou 5 significa que o produto plástico não contêm BPA. Se estiver marcado o número 3 ou 7 significa que o produto contém presença de BPA.

Lembre-se: o material que tem BPA é o policarbonato (PC), todos os demais são livres de BPA!